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A window recess (or window reveal) is the distance between the surface of a window pane and the wall that the window is built into. A recess measurement of your window is the measurement between the two side walls inside the recess. The reason for this measurement is that a recess blind will fit into the opening of your window; it won’t overlap the walls on either side of it. When placing an order selecting recess measurement will reduce the blind overall width by 10mm for a perfect fit.

Please note that a vertical blind ordered as a recess measurement will remove 12mm from the blinds drop measurement so the vanes do not run along the floor/sill.

A blind that is fitted outside of the recess is normally referred to as an exact or blind size measurement. This is usually attached to the wall above the window, covering both the window and part of the wall on either side of the recess. When ordering, if you select exact/blind size measurement the blind will arrive exactly the width of the measurements entered.

Delivery takes between 10-14 working days. If your order has taken over 14 working days and still hasn’t arrived, please contact customer services with your order number ready.

Eyelet curtain must be fitted to a pole. Take the measurement from the top of the pole to your desired finishing drop. When placing an eyelet heading curtain order be sure to select ‘pole to hem’ measurement. Below is a handy video on how to measure curtains

‘Video link to Carpet right curtain measuring video’

Pinch or pencil pleat curtains can be fitted to a track or a pole. If you are fitting the curtain to a pole, then you will need to take the measurement from the bottom of the eyelet ring to your desired drop. Alternatively, if you would like the curtain to cover some of the pole then you can take the measurement from the top of the pole.
If you are fitting to a track, you will take the measurement from the top of the track to your desired drop.
link to Carpet right curtain measuring video’
If your curtains are going to be a full drop to the floor from your pole or track then you should have carpet fitted before you measure for curtains. This is because the thickness of your new carpet and underlay will effect the overall drop of your curtains.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing your lining, however below are recommendations depending on your room type and window dressing purpose.

House Twill & Satin Lining – Ideal for living areas. Will let in a small amount of light (depending on main fabric). Used for privacy.

Blackout/Thermal lining – Ideal for bedrooms. Blackout lining will block out almost all the light. Ideal for any room for added thermal properties.

Interlining – Interlining adds an additional thick insulation between the main fabric and your chosen lining. This increases the windows ability to keep heat in, adding an extra layer of protection to your windows, whilst keeping you extra cosy, and giving your curtains a gorgeous fullness.

Yes you can easily order a sample online or in store. You can order up to 10 samples free of charge and delivered in 2-3 Working Days.

Child Safety is paramount in the blinds and curtains industry. All of our Carpet Right blinds and curtains abide by all laws and legislations for the UK market, set by the BBSA. Your blinds will be supplied with a child safety clip. For any more information please click the link below

As this is made to measure product, we only accept returns on damaged, incorrectly made, or defective products. For more information visit our Return & Refunds page

If your product is clearly damaged on arrival, do not open the package straight away. Please take clear images of the damaged box.
Afterwards, open the box and check if the product is also damaged. Often the boxes may look damaged, but the products are completely fine.
If the product is damaged, then please take a clear image of the damage and please send this to our customer service team with your order number.

If your product has an issue then please take clear images and send to our customer service team within 14 days of delivery.

If the blind or curtain hasn’t arrived to the correct size then please first check the measurements were input correctly on your order form.
Selecting recess measurement will reduce a blinds width by 10mm.

Curtain drop measurements have a tolerance of 20mm.
If you think your measurements are incorrect then please take a clear image of the incorrect measurement with a tape measure in shot against the product. We require a full image of the product and tape measure.

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