Aydin Rock Vertical Blind

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Pure Grey design of this vertical blind will finish your room design. The translucent fabric eliminates blinding reflections and improves privacy, but keeps the natural light in the room. The high-quality polyester ensures durability for years.

Min: 250 mm | Max: 2800 mm

Min: 300 mm | Max: 5000 mm

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  • Fully made to measure
  • 100% Polyester
  • Maximum width 2,400mm, maximum drop 5000mm
  • Minimum width 300mm, minimum drop 300mm
  • Easy fit universal brackets suitable for top fix. Please select extension brackets for face fix.
  • Control can be located to either the left or right
  • 3 blind drawing options. Left side stack, right side stack or split draw
  • Wand or chain control options

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Fitting Type

Recess - Choose this option when fitting your blind inside a window recess.

What we will do is reduce the width measurement you enter by 1cm/10mm. For Vertical blinds we will reduce the drop 12mm if recess measurement is selected. by This means the blind will fit perfectly inside the recess without risk of scaping the walls on either side.

Exact - Choose this option when fitting your blind outside a window area.

If you select exact measurements we will make your blind to the exact width you have given to us. Please note the fabric will be slightly smaller then this width measurements to make room for the control.

Headrail Type

Classic - The classic vertical system is our best value for money headrail. Simple but effective. The headrail is a thin white metal with top fix brackets. Extention brackets are available if the blind is being fixed outside of the recess.

Cassette – Cassettes look particularly striking in a recess setting. Cassette can be finished in matching blind fabric or a metal finish (white, silver, anthracite) with plastic end caps in black or white. End caps are chosen based on fabric colour.

Cassette Finish

Matching blind fabric – Cassette will be covered in the same fabric as thechosen blind fabric. If the fabric is a patterned design, the blind and the cassette pattern will match for a seamless finish.

Metal Finish – Available in white, silver and anthracite a metal finish cassette creates a modern metallic finish to match windows and door frames.

Control Type

Chain – Looped chain and cord system with child safety clip. Chain controls the tilt of each vane and the cord controls the opening and closing of the blind.

Wand – Wand system hangs from the blind. Twist to control vanes tilt and slide across the length of the headrail for opening and closing.

Chain Colour

Choose the colour you would like the control chain to be. This is the chain that operates the blind. Available in plastic white, plastic black or nickel.

Control Side

Select control side – This is the side the chain will be on that operates the blind.

Stack Type

Select your stacking type. This is where the vanes will hang when the blind is open. If split draw is selected, the vanes will hang equally on either side.

Bottom Weight

Regular with chain – Standard chain system, all vanes are linked at the bottom with plastic chains. Plastic chains have safety breakaways.

Sewn in weights – Premium finish, weights are sewn in so all vanes can move freely but will return to starting position. Perfect for households with children or pets.